1st Conference on Bilingual Education of MS

1st Conference on Bilingual Education of MS

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Sábado, 11 de junho de 2022 Das 08:00 às 18:00

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The Bilingual Education of MS Annual Conference is the largest conference dedicated to educators of early childhood through grade 12 multilingual learners in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Educators from different backgrounds submit session proposals, which are reviewed and selected by a panel of internal and external reviewers. Sessions examine research-based strategies and instructional practices on topics that align to the conference theme and are designed and delivered in an engaging format. Topic areas include

  • Bi/Multilingual Education

  • Early Years

  • Effective Instructional Practices

  • Equity and Social Justice

  • Family and Community Engagement

  • Assessment

  • Specific Populations: Multilingual Learners with Disabilities; Newcomers; SLIFE; Migrant, Refugee, Long-term Multilingual Learners

  • Technology and Multilingual Learners

  • Language Arts, Math, Science, Social studies, Art, PE, Biology, Chemistry, Sociology, Philosophy and Physics subjects


  • Rita Ladeia
  • Selma Moura
  • Ruberval Maciel
  • Luã Armando
  • Higor Tosta
  • Ana Karina Giusti Mantovani
  • Flávia Fulgêncio
  • Rafaat Jorge Toumani


07h00 Registration Abertura
Local: Hall de entrada


08h00 Official Opening Abertura
Local: Auditório

Official Opening

08h30 - Rita Ladeia Active Methodologies on Bilingual Education with Rita Ladeia Keynote
Active Methodologies on Bilingual Education with Rita Ladeia
Local: Auditório


09h15 - Ruberval Maciel Translanguaging with Ruberval Maciel Keynote
Translanguaging with Ruberval Maciel
Local: Auditório

Translanguaging with Ruberval Maciel

09h50 Stands visit Venda de Livros
Local: Outdoors

Stands visit

10h35 - Selma Moura Biliteracy with Selma Moura Keynote
Biliteracy with Selma Moura
Local: Auditório

Biliteracy with Selma Moura

11h25 Lunch Almoço
Local: Fogo Caipira Restaurant


14h00 Workshops (kinder, elementary and middle school) Oficina
Local: Salas

Workshops (kinder, elementary and middle school)

16h00 Stands visit Venda de Livros
Local: Outdoors

Stands visit

16h45 - Luã Armando Learn to Unlearn in order to Relearn with Luã Armando Keynote
Learn to Unlearn in order to Relearn with Luã Armando
Local: Auditório

Learn to unlearn in order to relearn

17h20 Official Closing Encerramento
Local: Auditório

Official Closing


Faculdade INSTED - 79002-081, Rua Vinte e Seis de Agosto,63, Centro, Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul,
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Faculdade INSTED

Insted has the purpose of innovation in the segment of higher education. It is the first college in the Midwest to apply active
methodologies, from its structure to the curriculum. The Advanced Institute of Higher Education and Human Development - INSTED has the mission to disseminate knowledge, forming and developing the human potential for leadership in the world of work, collaborating in the creation of regional opportunities and to compete globally, and has a vision of being a vanguard Higher Education institution nationally recognized in the areas in which it operates. INSTED aims to stimulate cultural creation and the development of the scientific spirit and reflective thinking, to educate citizens and professionals in the areas of knowledge in which they act, suitable for integration into their respective careers and for participation in the development of Brazilian society, promoting actions for their continued education and encouraging scientific research aimed at the development of science and technology, the creation and spread of culture.