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[Colóquios da Nano] "Engineering Materials for Energy, Environment and Healthcare applications" apresentada pelo Prof. Dr. Chandra Sekhar Tiwary

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Sexta, 23 de junho de 2023 Das 16:30 às 18:00

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Resumo: Since the isolation of a single atomically thin layer of graphite-called graphene by Geim and co-workers, graphene has received a lot of attention from the research community as well as industry. Taking inspiration from graphene, the materials community started exploring atomically thin materials, which resulted in the development of a two-dimensional materials family consisting of elemental metals, metal-carbides, dichalcogenides, oxide, nitride, and others. Engineering such atomically thin materials are different than conventional materials. In the current talk, the different methods/processes involving engineering materials at the atomic scale have been summarized. In the first section, the exfoliation of different oxide, telluride and metals/alloys 2D materials from its bulk phase and tuning its composition, thickness, and other physical, chemical, and optical properties are discussed. The large scale production of the 2D materials enable us to print them using 3D printer into bio-inspired atomically engineered topological complex architectures. Such architecture shows superior structural and functional properties. These materials have been utilized in the environment, energy, and health care applications. In the last section of the talk, the nature-assisted processes have been utilized to build advanced/unique/high entropy(Multi-component) materials using an energy-efficient method.


Auditório 801, Bloco B no Campus da UFABC em Santo André/SP. - 09210-580, Avenida dos Estados 5001, Santa Terezinha, Santo André, São Paulo,
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Pedro Alves da Silva Autreto

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