International Congress in Geophysics and High-Performance Computing (ICGHPC22)

Upstream oil and gas need to catch up to different industries regarding digital enablement. After a few years of conducting successful small-scale pilots and POC pilots, several operators and service companies are now leading the way. However, while many oil and gas companies are testing new digital ways of working, no one can claim to have "figured it out" yet. Over the past five years, we have seen the industry hiring a Chief Digital Officer, designing digital strategies, establishing business units to promote them, partnering with technology companies, and making an effort to adopt a culture that nurtures new ways of working. We are witnessing a proliferation of technologies implemented in the field, from using digital twins to optimize production to drones conducting inspections offshore. The industry is building a digital strategy from scratch, developing an analytics solution for parents, innovating with a technology partner, and allowing the "connected worker" in the field to transform their culture into a data-driven culture. Oil and gas companies face formidable challenges to their efficiency, sustainability, and profitability after COVID-19. As a result of the pandemic, prices have collapsed so severely that the urgency to address these issues has accelerated dramatically.

During these last five years, the impact of the digital data revolution in geosciences has been very significant. According to Moore's Law, computing power has accelerated, while data science accelerates the rate at which routine tasks are performed. Critical digital applications generally integrate real-time data and advanced analytics for better decision-making, improved efficiency and sustainability, and acceleration of the business cycle. The basic idea for ICGHPC22 is to create a research and innovation environment with oil and gas industry partners and the academic community. The event discusses topics related to HPC and Advanced Technologies Applied to the Oil and Gas Industry. The event will be divided into lectures, round tables, and laboratory practices.

Important dates ICGHPC22:

Date of event: January 09 - 11, 2023
Paper Submission Deadline:

January 06, 2023

Result of the Approved paper: January 07, 2023

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Event date

9 of January of 2023, 08h00 until 11 of January of 2023, 16h00


Centro Universitário SENAI CIMATEC - Avenida Orlando Gomes, Piatã, Salvador - Bahia

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