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IV International Seminar on Drugs in Piaui – IV SISDPI – VIRTUAL

Drug Addiction in times of Pandemic: Addictions to Drugs, Alcohol, Social Media and welcoming the LGBTQ+ public


The IV International Seminar on Drugs in Piauí (SISDPI/2021 VIRTUAL), with a date to be held between August 26, 27 and 28, 2021 in a Virtual form, was planned to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences of researchers, academics and specialists in the field of chemical dependency in Brazil and more widely in the world. The Magnas lecture sessions take place at night from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm and the workshops and scientific paper presentation sessions from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

The IV SISDPI/2021 VIRTUAL will continue to focus on topics related to drug addiction and how drug policies impact the family, education and health, encouraging the sharing of research and practices on prevention, treatment and recovery of the addict.

The choice of the seminar theme “Dependency in times of Pandemic: Addictions to Drugs, Alcohol, Social Media and reception of the LGBTQ+ public”, proposes to seek a comprehensive understanding of the complex condition of dependence, which results from multiple pathways and manifests. if in countless ways. The theme challenges to understand and act on the causes that requires confidence in analysis at various levels and the ability to examine the problem through different perspectives.

It is important to highlight that these different perspectives on dependence have been undergoing changes as a result of changes in the country's history in terms of treatment given to issues related to the use of psychoactive substances. And these changes are a direct and indirect result of profound changes in economic, political, religious and other social conditions. Therefore, this approach is urgent and necessary in this current scenario in Brazil.

Assuming that knowledge is social, created by social institutions and particular groups of people and finally distributed through socially created channels, the seminar is constituted as this socially created channel not only producing knowledge, but making this produced knowledge circulate.

This knowledge is for everyone who works in the planning, development and organization of programs to recover from addiction, as well as for those who actively participate in the health and education systems.

The seminar particularly welcomes contributions by a group of specialists who have the expertise such as physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, drug addiction researchers, directors of rehabilitation centers, therapeutic communities, social services, educators and interested in the issue of drug addiction. drugs.


Main goal

? The main objective of the International Seminar on Drugs in Piauí is to discuss with government authorities, leaders, coordinators of nursing homes, academic researchers, academic leaders, criminal justice professionals, strategies and challenges in building effective programs for the prevention and treatment of users of psychoactive substances

Specific objectives

? Contribute with an understanding that is based on the complexity of the issues that drug addiction brings to the subject and to society;

? Promote debate and reflections based on scientific knowledge validated in successful experiences and adequate to our reality from the reports of successful experiences used in the treatment of drug users;

? Contribute to the construction of theoretical and practical instruments that allow the development of more effective therapeutic, social and political interventions, enabling better help to drug addicts and their families;

? Create a better understanding among different subjects about the nature and extent of the drug addiction problem among addicts;

? Examine existing approaches to substance prevention in order to develop new drug and substance use prevention programs based on quantitative and qualitative results from empirical data;


The IV International Seminar on Drugs in Piauí, Virtual Version (IV SISDPI ®ON-LINE) is structured around main conferences, round tables and breakout sessions held in the form of workshops based on educational experiences, and presentations of completed research results or in progress in oral communication format.

The main language of the presentations is Portuguese, however, for international speakers and lecturers, they use the official English language with consecutive interpretation assistance.

Papers accepted for presentation during the seminar are published in the event's Annals with ISBN/ISSN always requested by Editora Kerigma, a partner of the event.

Registration will be open for presentations of works in the Oral Communication modality, which should be in line with the general theme of the seminar: "Dependency in times of Pandemic: Addictions to Drugs, Alcohol, Social Media and reception of the LGBTQ+ public"

3.1 Modalities of Scientific Papers

The scientific works registered must be presented in the form of oral communication, in the following modalities:

a) Bibliographic review/theoretical reflection;

b) Case study;

c) Experience report;

d) Final Paper for Undergraduate and Graduate Courses, lato and stricto sensu;



Casa do Oleiro is the institution that created and organized the International Seminar on Drugs in Piauí, a non-profit institution, which has been contributing with practical actions to reduce the suffering in the lives of individuals and families affected by chemical dependency, in a multidisciplinary way, with strict rules, regardless of any conditions. Affiliated to CONFENACT (National Confederation of Therapeutic Communities), the House is based on coexistence among peers, love and forgiveness, and believing that it is possible to have new opportunities and that it is never too late to start again. José Gouveia de Oliveira is the President of the therapeutic community, Former President of the State Council of Policies on Drugs in Piauí and currently works with the conviction that, for a program to be effective, it must also work on character, not just the recovery of the addict chemical.


The Training Center for Education Professionals Antonino Freire CEFAF/UESPI is a Co-organizer and partner since the first edition of the International Seminar on Drugs in Piauí, it is the Reference Center for Training Professionals in Basic Education in Piauí. CEFAF, through its Training Center for Professionals in Basic Education Education, is legally qualified to offer continuing education courses, playing a fundamental role in the training of professionals in the State and Municipal Public Networks throughout Piauí.

Lucile Moura is the General Director of the center that currently develops several educational projects, among which is the Drug Prevention Course: "The Truth About Drugs", being offered since the 2nd semester of 2018 in partnership with ASSEBEPI and with Foundation for a Drug-Free World


The Association of State Servers of Basic Education of the State of Piauí – ASSEBEPI is the Co-hosting Institution of the International Seminar on Drugs in Piauí. ASSEBEPI is a non-profit, educational and social assistance civil society, with legal personality of private law, for an indefinite term, established on December 3, 2009, with provisional headquarters at Rua Ana Raulino, 304 - Centro, and forum in the City of Altos, State of Piauí. ASSEBEPI aims to represent and defend the interests and rights of Basic Education teachers and other servers working in the education system in the state of Piauí. Debora Oliveira is the President and Founding Partner who has been working with educational projects meeting the needs of the category.


The Foundation for a Drug-Free World Partner institution of the International Seminar on Drugs in Piauí, is a non-profit public utility corporation that empowers youth and adults with fact-based information about drugs so they can make informed and informed decisions. live drug-free. Through a worldwide network of volunteers, 77 million educational booklets have been distributed, tens of thousands of drug awareness events have been held in nearly 180 countries, and Truth About Drugs public service announcements have been broadcast on 787 channels. of television.

Raimundo Sousa is the Director of the Piaui Chapter and currently develops educational drug prevention projects using the educational kit produced and donated to schools and organizations that wish to implement a prevention program.


4th Edition of the International Seminar on Drugs in Piauí - SISDPI

We announce the opening of applications for work proposals for the IV International Seminar on Drugs in Piauí-SISDPI, which in this edition will address the theme "Dependency in times of Pandemic: Addictions to Drugs, Alcohol, Social Media and reception of the LGBTQ+ public", a take place from August 26th to 28th, 2021, through Streamyard, transmission via Youtube from the Antonio Freire Training Center and Facebook from the Casa do Oleiro Therapeutic Community.

The submission of work proposals is open to all researchers, undergraduate students and other interested parties to be presented in the oral communication modality through the event's transmission platform.

Studies will be accepted with partial or final conclusion addressing new topics or topics already referenced in the literature or in related areas. The abstracts of the works sent to the IV SISDPI must be submitted to the address aligned with one of the Thematic Axes that constitute the event, which will make up the Annals of the Event available online on the event's reference website.

The entire registration process will be done online, through the website, which provides more information about the event.

We invite everyone to participate!

Prof. Dr. Izael Araujo Lima

President of the Scientific Committee of the IV SISDPI

José Gouveia de Oliveira

President of the Organizing Committee



We invite researchers interested in chairing one of these workshops to submit proposals.

Workshop organizers have a variety of responsibilities, including coordinating workshop participation and content, timely dissemination and delivery of the program, and moderating the program throughout the workshop.

Workshop Objectives

The workshops provide an informal setting for discussing work in progress and future directions. Good workshops help to crystallize common problems, explicitly contrast competing structures, and clarify issues essential to a subfield or application area.

Submission Guidelines

Workshop proposals must be submitted electronically to and must include:

? A title

? An abstract (approximately 500 words)

? The target audience and its expected size

? Description of the workshop format or style which can be a series of short presentations, a panel discussion, working groups or others)



For the IV Edition of the International Seminar on Drugs in Piauí, 12 thematic axes were designated to provide a greater range of works that focus on the issue of drug addiction.


01 The impact of the problem of drug use at school and in society and the role of civil society, government, non-governmental organizations and private sectors in fighting drugs;

02 Drug use and health promotion: The relationship between drug addiction and mental disorders; The complex vulnerability of mental disorders due to drug use;

03 Alcohol dependence: acute drunkenness among young people and impacts on health; Increased alcohol abuse in families during the pandemic;

04 The role of Social Service in Intervention, citizenship, prevention and treatment of drug users;

05 The impact of drug policies on women: women's involvement in drug production, trafficking and consumption;

06 Treatment perspectives used by therapeutic communities, contexts, approaches, subjects and substances: Interventions based on the methodology of therapeutic communities;

07 Alternatives for offenders and crimes related to drug use;

08 The faith and spirituality factor as an approach to the dependent's recovery;

09 Drug Use in the Youth Population - Awareness and Prevention/ Criminal Justice System

10 Drugs and the means of communication/ social media among children and adolescents/ Internet addiction disorders and therapeutic interventions;

11 Drug Addiction and Abuse of Alcohol and Other Drugs in the LGBTQ+ Community and Discrimination/Social Stigma in Recovery Places;

12 Approaches and Strategies to reduce relapses;


Fundação para um Mundo sem Drogas Piaui