ProBioRefine 2019

The series of ProBioRefine workshop has been launched since 2014 under a new initiative on biorefinery, the ProBioRefine project by Professor Dr. Rafiqul Gani of Technical University of Denmark (DTU, Chemical & Biochemical Engineering) and Professor Jay H. Lee of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering) with funding from various sources. The ProBioRefine project brings together highly qualified researchers not only from DTU and KAIST but those from other prestigious universities and institutes from North America, South America, Europe, and Asia to establish the network. The objective of ProBioRefine project is to develop a systematic method and associated tools that can analyze and design innovative biorefinery networks based on chemical and biological approaches to convert biomass feedstocks into valuable chemicals and biofuels.

In 2019, the 5th ProBioRefine 2019 is being organized by University Center SENAI CIMATEC, PSE for SPEED, and National Science and Technology Development Agency. The 2-day workshop will be held at University Center SENAI CIMATEC, including the CIMATEC industrial pilot plants visit at Camaçari industrial hub. In this workshop, the organizing team will pursue for the opportunity to strengthen the existing collaboration among researchers from academia while seeking for an opportunity to gather a new industrial network. The highlights of this workshop include the Overview of the ProBioRefine Network presented by the founder of the network, Professor Dr. Rafiqul Gani, followed by Perspectives in Biorefinery and Recent Advances in Biorefinery presented by the key researchers from universities and industries. The panel discussion will be opened for the stakeholders from industries and government to share their insights in Future Prospect in Biorefinery Industry/Business. It is expected 200 people attending this workshop; those were from universities, research institutes, industries, and government units. From the large numbers of people joining this 5th ProBioRefine Workshop, the organizing team will pursue more on other network activities in order to strengthen the collaboration and bring the ProBioRefine project to serve on as platform technology that the ProBioRefine members can access for future development.

Deadlines PROBIOREFINE 2019:

Date of Event November 18-19, 2019
Submission of abstract October 14, 2019 (Extended)
Result of the approved abstract October 27, 2019

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University Center SENAI CIMATEC - Avenida Orlando Gomes, 1845, Piatã, Salvador - Bahia