The International Symposium on Innovation and Technology (SIINTEC) happens since 2015 and the Research and Innovation Workshop (PTI) since 2011. Both events are annual and promoted by SENAI CIMATEC. The objective of the event is to contribute significantly to the scientific and technological country’s development, seeking the massive participation of academy and industry involved in research, development and innovation.

The IV SIINTEC and VIII PTI Workshop will be held from October 24 to October 26, 2018, and will focus on: "Modeling and computational simulation applied to industry". The event will give opportunity to discuss the main topics related to technological innovations as basis for meeting the challenges of productive processes for the generation and application of business and social contexts using "computational modeling".

The event has an annual publication of complete articles with registration by the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (IBICTI), ISSN 2447-4215. Through this yearbook of published papers, it is possible to measure the impact and interest of the scientific community in the dissemination of the researches being developed in Brazil and around the World. Three yearbooks have been published that have specific sessions for publication (Modeling and Industrial Technology, Management and Industrial Technology, Engineering and SENAI Institute of Innovation).

Important dates SIINTEC and PTI 2018:
Date of Event October 24-26, 2018
1º Submission of articles 06/07/2018 to 07/30/2018
Result of assessment



2º Submission (only accepted articles)

08/21/2018 to 08/30/2018

08/23/2018 to 08/31/2018

Result of the approved articles 10/09/2018

Event date

24 of October of 2018, 17h00 until 26 of October of 2018, 21h00


Centro de Eventos - SENAI CIMATEC - Avenida Orlando Gomes, Piatã, Salvador - Bahia